Thanks to All of STL for Delivering During This Critical Event

When a site is down and out, STL Communications’ customers know they can count on us to deliver. When seconds count, our technicians are there. Arch Coal’s legacy phone system failed on a Thursday in February. Because of the age of the phone system the information on the hard-drive was not recoverable and license re-use was not available. STL mobilized, assessed the problem, defined a plan, and installed a new phone system on-site in two days. “When the Bat-Phone Rings, we put technicians on the pole”, said Greg Bell, VP of Operations and Technical Services for STL Communications. The following is an email excerpt from the Manager of Telecom and Mobility at Arch Coal, Inc – St. Louis, MO regarding STL Communications’ dedication and response.

“Thank you very much for your “above the call of duty” work this weekend to restore communications at our Flintridge operation. I appreciate everyone’s efforts at STL, but especially yours Bryan since you got the dirty work assignment of redirecting your Saturday on our behalf. Thanks to all of STL for delivering during this critical event.”
Don Staten, Manager of Telecom and Mobility

If you are asking what type of response times and performance your organization can expect from STL Communications, just ask our customers.