Is Your Technology Ready for The Next Generation?

By: Greg Bell, VP of Operations and Technical Services

In today’s ever-changing communications environment, it has become increasingly complicated not only to keep up with complex expanding technology and interoperability, but to also understand how these technologies, devices, software and applications can improve your company’s value to your customers and to the bottom line.

As the next generation of workers infiltrates the market, employers need to be conscious of the technologies they require to communicate.  Text messaging, instant messaging and mobility, are just a few along with the explosion of social networking, requiring employers to think twice about the tools needed to conduct business. Young workers grew up with these technologies and expect these tools to be present with their new employers. Just look at your teens and the number of phone calls they make with their cell phones versus how many text messages they make and take? Ask them if they have an email address? Bet the answer is no? We have to change. The tools we use to communicate have to change and follow the demand of the market place. We need to be ready for the next mode of communication, while ensuring that the trusted tried and true systems we use today are ready for the future.

STL Communications can help you navigate your way through the disorienting minefield of modern technology and work with you to sift through the growing number of options that have value to your customers, improve productivity, and enhance your bottom line. We concentrate on an organizations communication challenges; we analyze and provide recommendations that help you align communications infrastructure with your organizational strategy.

STL Communications is an Avaya Business Partner and Avaya SME Expert. We have a well certified staff of Avaya installation specialists and are a Co-Delivery Partner for Avaya support and maintenance services.