Make Decisions Faster than the Competition with Mobile Collaboration

Avaya’s newest webinar is now available on-demand: “Mobile Collaboration: Faster, Smarter, Better” On February 15th, Avaya conducted a Mobile Collaboration webinar with the goal of teaching businesses how to drive business success in today’s constantly-evolving mobile environment. In the webinar, Michael F. Finneran of dBrn Associates and Lawrence Byrd, Director of Collaboration Solutions at Avaya, explain how an Avaya Mobile Collaboration solution can help do just that.

The mobility market continues to grow and change every single day, as do people’s expectations of what they can do—both at work and at home. Powerful audio and video conferencing capabilities are transforming the face of collaboration and tablet use is on the rise as employees are increasingly on the go. They need to be able to collaborate anywhere and on any device. This means the way your business approaches mobility also has to evolve.

Enterprises now have to support a variety of mobile employees, from the teleworker who works from home to the road warrior who doesn’t even have a permanent office. On top of that, all those employees—as well as the ones working from your main office—are using a variety of devices. In fact, over 50% of organizations already support Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, in one form or another (Information Week Analytics). All this adds to security and governance concerns for the business. With the help of Avaya, you can effectively address those concerns.

An Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solutions allows you to securely authenticate a variety of users and devices and control guest access—all from a centralized management system. Your business can also meet growing wireless expectations and take advantage of real-time voice and video performance.  Implementing an Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution are:

  • Accelerate key processes
  • Increase customer responsiveness and satisfaction
  • Speed time-to-market
  • Engage the right people in decisions more quickly
  • Reduce travel costs through more effective remote working
  • Tackle BYOD trends with security and control
  • Reduce external mobile and conferencing costs
  • Lower TCO and simplify operations
  • Evolve cost-effectively and with maximum ROI

It’s never too soon to start making better business-decisions and empower your employees to do the same. For case studies and more details, view the full webinar.

To find out how an Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution can help your business succeed, contact your STL Communications or Avaya Account Manager today at or call us @ 800-993-4785.